011: Yoga Shay

011: Yoga Shay

Esta semana tocamos el tema del viaje. En este episodio (nuestro primero en ingles y español) entrevistamos a Shayla (Yoga Shay) que es una nómada/trotamundos. O sea, se dedica a viajar como propósito de vida. Shay tiene una energía increíble que comparte con todos los demás y que inspira a querer viajar y sobre todo a hacer cosas. Sabemos que lo van a disfrutar.

This week we talked about traveling. In this episode (our first in English and Spanish) we interview Shayla (Yoga Shay. She’s a nomad/globetrotter and that means that she travels all over the world as her purpose in life. Shay has an incredible energy which she shares with others and it inspires you to travel, but most of all to get sh…things done. We know you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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